Wallets in the Era of Bitcoin Scripts

All the functions of the ChainBow Wallet beta version have been completed. The update released this week(~11/30/2021) focuses on fixing BUGs. , which are too numerous to list. Welcome to download the new beta version for trial.

Please refer to the previous article for a tutorial at

Note: For users who have created tokens before, please cancel all orders and burn all tokens. The next version will upgrade the Token contract and will no longer support existing versions of tokens.

Bitcoin has entered the era of sCrypt scripts from the OP_RETURN data era.

We are delighted to see that the node software 1.0.10 released last week changed the default MaxScriptSizePolicy setting from 10K to 500K.

This small change will unleash enormous power.

Since September last year, we have been studying, developing, and designing bitcoin script contracts and developing wallets supporting Bitcoin contracts since April this year.

The first contract demand is Token. The CUP Token protocol we designed contains the following important features. Other contracts can also utilize these features.

  • Envelope Specification of Contract

The identification contract scripts can be quickly identified by data servers, blockchain browsers, and wallets.

  • Transaction Recharge Method

A contract transaction can vary greatly in size due to changes in its input and output. We provide a design pattern to calculate transaction fees quickly and accurately.

  • Atomic Swaps

The atomic swaps between tokens and Satoshi of BSV will have no sandwich attack in EVM DeFi.

  • Offline P2P Token Transfer

UTXO contracts can be transmitted through short-range communication methods (Bluetooth, infrared, RFID, etc.). It supports an offline cold wallet signature.

  • Wallet Connect 2.0 BSV JSON-RPC API

Adopting the widely used Wallet Connect standard, the design supports JSON-RPC API, including BIP270. It provides non-server wallet support for games and other DApps.

  • Oracle Service

It provides international standard time, digital currency quotation, fiat exchange rates, etc. The Rabin signing API can be used for rapid internal validation of contracts.

Each feature can be introduced in a long article in the future.

Technology serves the vision. It is not an exaggeration to restate the Bitcoin white paper many times.

We use the techniques described above to implement the wallet in the Bitcoin script era. We also support any contract scenario, including but not limited to GameFi, SociFi SOON.



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