The Beta Version BitcoinSV Wallet for the 13th Anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper

From October 31, 2008 to now, the Bitcoin White Paper has been released for 13 years.

Bitcoin once boasted that it would become a “world currency” but it has not been fully realized yet.

We are working hard in the wallet field.


What is the definition of ChainBow wallet?

A Wallet for 7 billion people. The logic is simple. Take RMB and Alipay as examples. Bitcoin is the world currency (RMB), and ChainBow is the world wallet (Alipay). The difference is also obvious. RMB is only used in China, while Bitcoin is for the whole world. RMB needs a license, but Bitcoin does not.

V0.9.8 beta is released here today (November 1, 2021). Major changes in the new version include:

The following known issues will be corrected in the next version

We will realize the following things in the official version

The following will be realized in the future

If you have issued orders before, please cancel them in the old version. The new version no longer supports old orders.

Go to our website through our original link to download and install the new version of the wallet.

Join our Discord group.

Unlike Ethereum, bitcoin contracts can be in various forms, which is, there are various financial products and even tailored financial contracts. In the past, financial products could only be made by investment banks like Goldman Sachs. In the era of blockchain, we are Goldman Sachs.

READ the guidebook of ChainBow Wallet



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