Paymail and Oracle

This week ChainBow Wallet completed its second milestone and released the 0.2.0 alpha version.

  • It now supports the generation of 24 words when creating mnemonic words, which are safer and more secure. All mnemonic words are generated in accordance with the BIP39 protocol. You can also use hardware wallets or other offline mnemonic tools to generate mnemonic words and then import them into the wallet. For example, use to generate mnemonic words and then divide them into three parts for decentralized storage.
  • It provides an account registration function. Users can use the Paymail format to send and receive bitcoins. The format is similar to Paymail is a centralized service used to improve ease of use and be compatible with other BVS wallets. It is recommended that you create an account and obtain your own paymail address. The paymail account is the same as NOTE.SV. If you have previously registered an account with NOTE.SV, you can also log in to the wallet using the same mnemonic.
  • NOTE.SV and other DApps will be stored under the wallet system as sub-accounts. The structure of the wallet is as follows:
  • This week’s blockbuster release is the first Witness/Oracle service on Bitcoin. Services are provided and managed by Cercle FOUNDATION Ltd. (Singapore). The ChainBow Team developed the first version. The Witness/Oracle service observes the world outside the blockchain, such as time, weather, presidential votes, and even transactions on Bitcoin and other blockchains, and provides the information and Rabin signatures to smart contracts to complete various functions include gaming, binary options. It currently provides API for an international standard time and the latest transaction price of BSV_USDT. The transaction price currently comes from Huobi and Okex. The wallet currently uses the price service to support Bitcoin payments priced in USD. Website:

Download and Install ChainBow Wallet from

Note: It is currently an alpha version. Please only recharge a small amount of Satoshi experience. And be sure to back up the mnemonic phrase and restore the account at any time.



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