Open Web3, the Next Generation Internet, with Wallet 3

1. Product Introduction

Wallet 3 can be used for transactions, finance, gaming and social networking.

  • A cryptocurrency wallet with security in mind from design to code
  • Token and NFT management that support hundreds of blockchains
  • Web3 browser that compatible with Metamask
  • When transferring money, it will prompt the regular address or the smart contract address
  • Security reminder when authorizing the use of DApp
  • Prompt to guard against ENS when full corner character fake domain name (Wallet 3 is currently the best wallet that supports ENS)
  • The wallet considers various security details from design to code and strictly implements various technical standards
  • Open source code, audited by experts


Wallet 3 has more than 20 built-in blockchains, including a 2-layer network and a compatible chain. Users can add unbuilt chains with one click, up to hundreds of blockchain networks. Seamless switching between multiple chains completely avoids the tedious operation of desktop Metamask.

Web3 Browser

The wallet provides a built-in Web3 browser compatible with Metamask. Metamask is the most popular browser plugin wallet on desktop computers. Wallet 3 goes beyond Metamask in terms of ease of use. Many functions can be automated, and new blockchain users can also use them comfortably.

  • A list of common DApps is automatically displayed when entering the URL
  • Supports scanning the DApp webpage QR code to open in the wallet
  • Automatically switch network when connecting to DApp
  • Multi-page switching function
  • Bookmarks
  • etc.

2. Scenarios


DeFi is the next generation of financial infrastructure and services. The address of the wallet is your financial account. Wallet 3 perfectly supports various Token exchanges, lending, asset bridges.


Social applications are also an expected growth point for Web3, and applications and protocols such as Mirror and RSS3 are in the ascendant.



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