Multi-account and multi-currency pricing, smart contracts and data indexing, “we won again.”

ChainBow Wallet began to support multi-account and multi-currency pricing functions this week.

  • Now, you can create multiple accounts, use different mnemonics and different lock screen passwords, and have different Paymail addresses. Each account exists independently. You can have individual accounts, family accounts, or team accounts.
  • Now you can send BSV using US dollar, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, Euro, Canadian dollar, and other legal currencies as the quoted price, and check the account balance. Although we believe that Bitcoin will eventually become the world currency, Satoshi is the default currency unit. But in short to medium term, everyone has a demand for fiat currency prices.
  • Support Sweep function, now you can scan a private key QR code and extract the Bitcoin from it to your account
  • Support to view all addresses in the account and the address balance, and the corresponding private key

This week we also implemented most of the code of the CUP Token protocol. And we took the time to make a code contribution to the scryptlib ( used by the wallet.

We have always been the external person who contributed the most to this codebase. Thank you very much to the sCrypt team for doing a lot of basic work to make the productization of Bitcoin smart contracts possible.

But overall, BSV’s infrastructure is fragile. sCrypt is a small team with only a few people. The ElectrumX we use comes from the BTC era. Volunteers contribute the service, and the protocol’s design can no longer adapt to large blocks and smart contracts. The Bitbus, Bitsocket, and WhatsOnChain have changed from an open-source project to a closed source project. As a result, we cannot take the initiative to correct some apparent issues. The service stays in the OP_RETURN period in 2019, but in 2020, it entered the era of smart contracts.

The ecological environment of BSV belongs to free-market competition, and patents and NDA are words frequently heard. The ecological environment of Ethereum and Polkadot is basically a planned economy and capital blessing. The BSV community often laughs at itself, “we won again.” At present, neither the “products” nor the “capital” has been won, and only the “spiritual” has been won.

On the other hand, this also gives the start-up team a lot of opportunities. For example, you can do (and have to do) against Ethereum’s infura, oracle, dex/swap, and even solidity, web3.

This is a huge opportunity. I believe that we can seize it, we can do it, and we can win.

Download and Install ChainBow Wallet from

Note: It is currently an alpha version. Please only recharge a small amount of Satoshi experience. And be sure to back up the mnemonic phrase and restore the account at any time.



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